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Hi! I’m Denise, the owner and creator of  The Tan Bar.

This business has truly combined two of my passions – making people feel and look their very best and the ability to be creative with customization of skin colours and makeup.

Being tanned has always made me feel like I was at my best and gave me the self-confidence that I needed to feel good about myself (especially in shorts!). Being very fair skinned, it was always hard for me to get tanned, I would have to spend a lot of time in the sun and would result in being very burnt before I could develop any type of colour. And unfortunately, I paid a steep price for all of my time in the sun – I developed melanoma. I created this business after my diagnosis and being told that my days in the sun were over. Eventually, I went about to find other ways to see how I could still create confidence without causing harm to myself.

After trying countless sunless creams, lotions and spray tan booths, I finally got the courage to get my first Custom Spray Tan and was hooked on the experience – the woman doing my tan made me laugh and feel so comfortable plus I was amazed by the naturalness of the look and how amazing I felt. Right away I felt a passion to help others to replace the sun’s harmful rays (& have fun doing it!) with something that can give you the same colour in 15 minutes without any negative outcome and to make every client feel as great as I did.

If you feel the same passion for helping people feel more confident and beautiful (safely), reach out and let’s chat.  We do have wholesale opportunities for motivated entrepreneurs.

I hope that you will allow me to give you that same experience!


Denise Ginzel


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We Do More Than Just Tanning

We also offer organic in studio teeth whitening, professional makeup application and take home products for self tanning and teeth whitening. Be sure to ask us for more information on sunless tanning training.

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